Powerboat P1 Superstock Championship :

Powerboat P1 Superstock is The Next Generation of Motorsport - Deck to Deck Racing in the P1 Panther. Speed, Thrill, and Excitement on tight race courses near shore!

The inaugural P1 Superstock World Championship to be held in 2015.

P1 SuperStock is raced at a national level, with the winners qualifying for the right to race in the Continental and World Championship, with the inaugural World Championship to be held in 2015.

The Grand Prix of the Sea!

P1 Superstock motorsports

The powerboat P1 Superstock racing series is known as the Grand Prix of the Sea! Equal boats racing on tight race courses set in constantly changing water conditions provide an exciting race environment where every boat has a chance to win based on the skills of the pilot and navigator, and that of the competition. The near shore configuration of the cources presents a spectacular view of this exciting high speed race for motorsport fans, boating enthusiasts, and other spectators alike. With video coverage recorded from multiple cameras on land, sea, and ariel, this exciting race series reaches additional hundreds of thousands of viewers.


P1 SuperStock USA 2013 Schedule:

  • Stuart, FL. (April 19-21)
  • Daytona Beach, FL. (May 17-19)
  • Pahokee, FL. (July 19-21)
  • Cocoa Beach, FL. (August 16-18)
  • Marathon, FL. (September 13-15)

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