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"The P1 event experience is like no other; glamour, adrenaline, speed, power, and entertainment. Everything that great motorsport should boast."
-Marketing Director, Sandisk International

Race Team SponsorshipTotal Performance Racing Team is currently looking for sponsorship at all levels.

Brand promotion: Promote your brand as a race team sponsor to a fan base of motorsport, and watercraft enthusiasts, with event marketing, guaranteed television & print exposure, and through the internet and social media channels.

Average Spectator Figures

The average spectator figures for events range from 5,000 to 20,000, including thousands of families, tourists, petrol heads, and die hard motorsports fans.

With P1 USA involvement in historic events such as the Detroit Gold Cup, and the Pittsburgh Regatta, attendance figures move to the hundreds of thousands per event weekend.

Series Marketing

Marketing powerboat P1 Superstock motorsports racing series

Powerboat P1 has an experienced marketing team dedicated to growing the SuperStock brand across lifestyle, motorsport, and alternative media channels.

P1's experience in digital marketing is strong and will drive action through the P1 SuperStock and partner website and multiple other social media outlets. Team sponsers experience a high amount of visibility through the promotion and rapid growth of the sport both in the USA and in International markets.

Media Coverage

media coverage by greenlight tv

Powerboat P1 Superstock enjoyed significant television exposure in 2010 and 2011, including coverage on ESPN and Speed, with even more growth over the 2012 season. The PR team continues to generate ongoing and growing coverage in the marine and motorsports industries, the lifestyle and recreational arena, and the business world, both here in the US and internationally.

Greeenlight Television provides Full HD production of the race season including 4 crews onsite providing motorsport lens and SuperWide coverage, onboard camera as well as on site helicopter coverage.



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